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Sharpened Star

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Velocity Chyaldd
Velocity Chyaldd founded Vulgaras
as a vehicle to unite her passionate
imagination with her love of music.

Vulgaras is comprised of four music makers
who create a unique Torch Rock genre
with a dark southern blues twist.

The musicians behind the voice are:
DEVYL DÄVE on guitar, SERVO on drums
& PAYJE FLASH on bass. The music made
by "the Vulgar 3" can be described
as dirty, sage & progressive.

Velocity's lyrics portray a provocative
spirit, while her vocals deliver a brazen
bravado laced with sultry vulnerability.

For booking, and further info



(photo by Adrian Buckmaster)
Their new CD "Heavy Handed Heart"
is a collection of songs ripped
by hand, from the deepest chambers
of the heart. The place where we
hide our heaviest of secrets.
Find it now at iTunes and CDbaby

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below to view
our individual

Velocity Chyaldd -

Voice and Words

Devyl Dave - Guitar

Payje Flash -

Bass/cello/backing vox

Servo - Drums

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